‘Sweat the Stress’ offers healthy study breaks

Finals week is approaching at Sam Houston State University and the Recreational Sports department is giving students a chance to work-out the stress.

The third annual “Sweat the Stress” began Monday and continues through Dec. 10 as a healthy option for students to take time away from studying.

Assistant Director of Fitness Scott Berkowitz said “Sweat the Stress” helps promote students to improve their sleep quality, focus and relieve stress during finals week. Classes include rock climbing, group fitness and normal classes offered during the semester. All classes offered during “Sweat the Stress” are free, aside from personal training.

“There are studies that prove exercise and physical activity help relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and improve focus,” Berkowitz said. “The students that participate enjoy the opportunity to have fun and not think about their school work.”

Classes offered target various aspects of a healthy lifestyle including cardiovascular health, strength, nutrition and group fitness.

Berkowitz said students in the past appreciate the event as it allows them to take time away from studying and focus on their personal health.

“It’s nice to be able to come and just focus on yourself and clear your mind,” Berkowitz said. “It’s much easier to focus after taking that time for yourself.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise during stressful periods can increase the brain’s endorphins. Additionally, regular exercise will eventually lead to lower symptoms associated with anxiety and depression, as well as develop a healthy sleep-cycle.

Berkowitz said the various classes give students a chance to “refresh and recharge.”

“The students that participate enjoy the opportunity to have fun and not think about their school work,” Berkowitz said. “It is much easier to focus after taking time for yourself.”

A full schedule of group fitness classes is accessible at the Rec Center’s webpage at http://www.shsu.edu/dept/recreational-sports.

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