LETTER: Tarek Maalouf contends his post was not racist

I have patiently sat by and read the hate filled posts that many of you have written in response to my feelings regarding the recent “Santa Ornament” hung on the Christmas Tree on the SHSU Campus. I have attempted to sort the logical responses from the hate filled ones and have decided that it is now my turn to respond to some of your posts.

The first and most important thing I would like to mention is directed towards all the black individuals that decided to turn my original post into some sort of race issue. I am convinced that none of you who made this about race actually read my post because if you had, you would have clearly seen no mention of any race or gender. As a matter of fact, the only people to mention the words black were the black individuals that felt the need to pull out the race card and play it as if that is the only possible response to anyone that may see differently that you.

My post was clear. Anyone (notice no mention of race) that supports the hanging of Santa Claus on a Christmas Tree with his HANDS UP and the words “DON’T SHOOT” spray painted on his back is not welcome at The Draft Bar. I don’t care if you are BLACK, WHITE, ASIAN, INDIAN, or any other race. What I do care about is that your support for this type of demonstration using these particular symbols deeply offends me and I do not want your money. Correction, I do not NEED your money. The only folks that made this about black people were the black people themselves. I may not the best Christian on Earth but LORD knows I am a believer none the less and I take deep offense to anyone that chooses to alter symbols of this Holiday Season to promote their own agenda. You don’t like that? Fine. You don’t think that is right? Good for you. That is called an opinion and you are more than welcome to have one. So am I.

In regards to me taking down my original post and people thinking that I am “Back Peddling” you could not be farther from the truth. As stated online by my next post, I took it down because I was tired of seeing the issue turn into one about race. All of a sudden a group of black individuals decided to immediately jump on my post and write “BLACK FOLKS NOT WELCOME AT THE DRAFT BAR” etc. I felt that many of these people were using my original post to get up and just spout words of hatred without ever really understanding what was going on. So I removed my post. However, I quickly realized that the same individuals were going to post more hate filled messages later so I decided to just let them stay for 24 hours so that everyone could have their moment to “shine”.

Finally, with regard to be being a racist, pardon me while I share a few facts that most of you may not already know:

  1. The Draft Bar employs all races here and my longest running employee, who happens to also be my Head Manager, also happens to be black.
  2. Actually, I have kitchen cooks, servers, and bartenders that are black.