[UPDATED] Phi Beta Sigma’s new ornament removed after replacement

UPDATE 3:45 p.m. 

The new ornament was removed from the tree by an unknown party, according to sources close to the Phi Beta Sigma, after it had been up no more than 12 hours. Stay with The Houstonian for more information.

Members of Phi Beta Sigma hosted a candle light vigil Saturday evening in order to replace the “don’t shoot” Santa ornament that disappeared from the tree sometime between Thursday and Friday.

Supporters of the ornament gathered at the Tree of Light in order to witness the hanging of the new Santa ornament, which now reads “all lives matter,” but still is in the “hands up” position.

Nicholas Richardson, junior and Business-Management information systems major, participated in the replacement of the ornament.

“We changed it from ‘don’t shoot,’ which some people felt highlighted the black issue – so to speak – to ‘all lives matter,’ to illustrate the concept that we are not here just for one race or one creed or one person,” Richardson said. “We wanted to support everybody to ensure equal treatment for all people.”

Richardson stressed that the ornament is not in direct correlation with any specific current event.

“We want to keep in mind that this issue is not just about Mike Brown himself – God rest his soul – or Eric Garner – rest in peace as well,” Richardson said. “This was done to bring awareness to an issue that needs to be addressed and needs to be fixed.”

The vigil was also held in memory of those who lost their lives to police brutality, the fraternity said.

Phi Beta Sigma will be hosting events all week long in order to continue advocating for their cause.



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