Students arrested for DUI, DWI

Two students were arrested early Friday morning.

Senior mass communication major Joshua Schilhab, 23, was arrested for driving while intoxicated, a class B misdemeanor, by Huntsville Police Department at 1:11 a.m., according to HPD records. Freshman criminal justice major Elizabeth Ruiz, 18, was arrested for driving under the influence by HPD at 2:10 a.m.

Other arrests from HPD:

Abusai Carbajal (H/M, DOB: 4/2/93) was arrested for burglary (F1)

Tracy Cloy (W/M, DOB: 7/21/92) was arrested for resisting arrest (MA) and public intoxication

Alfredo Delarosa (H/M DOB: 4/3/90) was arrested for driving while intoxicated (MB)

Frank York (B/M DOB: 2/18/70) was arrested for public intoxication

Robyn Kinsey (W/F DOB: 8/26/94) was arrested for public intoxication

Raina Taylor (W/F DOB: 1/6/96) was arrested for driving while intoxicated

Jason Cooley (W/M DOB 3/4/81) was arrested for public intoxication

Clinton Gant (W/M DOB 1/27/81) was arrested for traffic offenses

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  1. generalSam

    Don't you have anything better to report on... I don't think a student news paper should focus on embarrassing it's fellow students especially when the reporter is not even going to publish their name. Maybe when you graduate you can work for some gossip rag.

    1. katklub

      The newspaper didn't embarass them you twit, they embarassed themselves and risked their own lives and the lives of others. They should be ashamed of themselves and all you think of is to cry for those poor babies embarassed online

      1. generalSam

        I'm sorry but misdemeanors shouldn't warrant a headline... Nor do I think a student news paper should report public intoxications....

  2. Mia

    Yes, driving while intoxicated is dangerous and plain stupid, but publishing these kids' mugshoot is downright unnecessary. Publishing this article in general is unnecessary. That is what the HPD police report site is for. Why do this to fellow students? DWI/DUI are very common. Was anyone injured or was there a certain twist or something to the story??? No....Also, why are you giving out their birth dates?

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