Campus groups unite, party for MLK Jr. day

Four campus organizations came together Monday to promote unity at the second annual Dreams Day.

The Exceptional Men of the Talented Tenth, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi and Alpha Phi Alpha hosted the event at the gazebo near Pritchett Field, where speeches and discussions were held prior to a party with music and refreshments.

Sean Reed, president of the Talented Tenth, said the events goal was to promote unity.

“This is a unity event between four major male organizations on campus: the Talented Tenth, the Theta Rho Sigmas, Omega Psi Phi and the Alphas,” Reed said. “We just wanted to unite like Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted back in the movement.”

Reed said the topics discussed at the event revolved around how King’s actions affected society, both past and present.

“We started the program with a brief ceremony where we talked about his life and his legacy and the history of MLK,” Reed said. “Then, we talked about things going on today in society and touched on why we marched and why we do the things that we do and some things for the future…How to become a leader and how we need to lead our people in the right direction.”

Reed said the holiday is a time of remembrance for King’s legacy and its importance to this day.

“The most important part is just remembering what he fought for and what he stood for and not forgetting,” Reed said. “I feel like so many people have forgotten that because they feel like it was so long ago when in reality, it wasn’t that long ago. Just not forgetting by continuing to bring it up and keeping it relevant. The same things he fought for back in the day are things that are still going on that have just changed.”

Dreams Day is an annual event and Reed said the groups have plans to hold the event next year for the third consecutive year.

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