Immigrants: Our stories

America is a melting pot, a stew of different peoples, cultures and traditions. For generations, families, workers and those looking for a fresh start crossed the Atlantic on vessels afloat with all their hopes and dreams. Over the years, the manner in which people have crossed the borders has drastically changed, but the stories still remain rich in customs from all around the world. Immigrants make up the backbone of this country and built infrastructure that allowed it to thrive into the most powerful and greatest country in the world.

I, myself, am an immigrant and came to this country in search of the American dream. Along with my family, we left what was familiar and comfortable to find fortune and opportunity in a new place. Like millions of people before us, my family and I came with a hundred dollars in our pocket and endless hopes for the future. But not every comfort from home was abandoned. We also brought with us a rich culture steeped in traditions and customs as old as time itself through which we crafted a unique existence in the new world.

Countless people make this life changing journey, but their stories become lost in their hardships to adjusting to a new life. They drown in their own hopes and dreams and quietly disappear as the western culture quickly changes who they were into the consumer driven and power hungry minions of our ever-changing world.

This series is a small insight into the lives of those who came in search of a better life and their experiences that helped shape who they are today. It is an opportunity to step into the shoes of someone that had a hand in crafting the new American dream.

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