The Octogenarian: Torture, some boring statistics for a Lotta conversation lately

What is torture? 

According to my dictionary: a noun. 1. The action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment

Or to force them to do or say something,

Or for them to do or say something,

Or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

Synonyms: infliction of pain, abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, persecution

Wow, that covers a lot. That includes the SOB who keeps their spouse or kids frightened every time they come home, the schoolyard bully, or the nation that perpetrates horrors as only man can on his fellow human under the guise of national need.

Of course, we are a nation whose history is based on the principals of Judeo-Christian teachings so we wouldn’t perpetrate such atrocities. It wasn’t me who dunked a possible sinner so that if they died from the dunking we knew they were guilty. (Early water-boarding but not torture!)  How about branding an “A” into the forehead of a woman whose crime was falling in love.  Of course, such torture perpetrated only by men on women!

Then minor tortures ranging from the Trail of Tears to Ruby Ridge and we won’t count the forcible removal of children from their parents to be educated in my Judeo-Christian proper method because I determined that their way of life was savage.  The torture of being unable to protect your children. 

And, who can forget the other great immigration period at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries’ when all of those foreign peoples of different race and religion came to ruin our pleasant country. The Irish (need not apply), the Italians, (all Mafioso) and the Jews (come to take our money) and sneaking in from the west, the Chinese (fright and horror).

But, we handled that situation. When we got into WWII, we opened internment camps (the enemies’ were called concentration camps), and we put all our enemies in those camps except the members of the German/American Bund and other fascists cause they looked like us Judeo-Christians but them Japs were different. (They sure were, their army unit that fought in the European war was one of the most heroic of WWII)

So, now we are into the 21st Century and the Senate report on Torture and who is guilty.  I have a theory. OK – I know by listening to him on TV that former Vice President Dick Cheney, who brags about his part in it is guilty but unless some Israeli-like undercover group kidnaps him and takes him to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes, he will remain around to entertain us. 

I’d rather be honest about real guilt so I see it like this. Twenty five percent of the American public cannot vote because they are too young or other reasons. So they, we know, are innocent.

In the last election, here in Texas 28.5 percent of eligible voters voted; nationally only 36.3percent. Using the national figures, that means that a whopping 27.225 percent of the American population voted and we all know that the election was a landslide for the Republican Party who took almost 60 percent of that vote which means that 16.333 percent of the American public gave us our next government. So 17 out of every 100 Americans gave us back the government we had when we tortured those Arabs after 9/11.

Does that mean that the 17 are guilty of torture? Not yet. You see, that also means that 10.89 percent voted against this government. Well 17 out of every 100 voted the government in and 11 out of every 100 didn’t, that ends it. 

Hold on.  For every 100 Americans, we have determined that 25 are innocent. Eleven voted against that makes 36. Now if 17 voted for, that only makes 53. Who are the other 47? Not me, I would not do that. (Water board people, subject humans to extreme cold, take away all of a person’s clothing and chain them to a wall or put them in a cell or in a position where they have to remain in a crouch.) Hey, I am not a torturer!

Well baby, if YOU ARE THE OTHER FORTY SEVEN PERCENT? Yea baby, you are the SOB that is condoning human torture by not voting which makes you just as guilty as the guy that force feeds another by shoving his alleged sustenance into his anal cavity.


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