Criminal Justice: A professional’s opinion

It is widely known that Sam Houston State University has one of the top criminal justice programs in the nation. Further, it is no secret that death row literally awaits on the doorsteps of the university. The heart of the Texas prison system looms down the street with every aspect of the criminal system in direct action. This convergence of circumstances leads to a unique environment of professionals, professors and experts in the field that we as students sometimes overlook.

These resources are readily available to us as students and faculty but the happenings in the world of criminal justice are either unknown or neglected. This new series will bring to the forefront the professional opinions and viewpoints of those that work directly in the field.

The death penalty, capital punishment, crime and the police system itself are all parts of a singular infrastructure that work hand in hand to help facilitate the inner and outer workings of our justice system. However, it can be difficult to understand and keep track of all these factors. Fortunately, this series will help you grasp this system a little more.

Guest writers including professors, detectives and government workers will write about many different topics about the criminal justice system. With an inmate on death row being executed last night, these kinds of issues become more relevant and closer to home.

It is critical to stay up to date on topics such as these and be aware of the events that take place in and around the local prison system. Hopefully, this series will give you a better understanding of how the professionals deal with these cases.

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