Super fan or unhealthy obsession?

Alright ladies, let’s be honest.

There is that one hunk that you are secretly dating. At least the two of you are dating in your head, which is perfectly acceptable… You know, in fairytale land. Here in the real world, people might look at you a little weird and dismiss your crazy tendencies.

While it is all fine and dandy to live in your fantasy, at least for the moment, I would like to point out the harsh truth. No matter how much you tweet, Facebook and/or Instagram stalk, this celebrity hunk basically does not know that you exist. I know, it is unfair. You have been more than dedicated to him and his fandom (you are the president of his official fan club and everything), and yet he still fails to acknowledge y’all’s relationship, let alone your existence. We can take a moment to mourn. It is understandable.

However, what is not understandable and definitely not okay in any situation, is why some girls feel the need to dismiss the fact that their celebrity hunk is in a relationship. I see a ton of people hate their favorite celebrity’s significant other for the simple fact of he/she is dating him/her. I try to live my life as positively as possible, and I try to get along with everyone. But there are just some people that I do not get along with, and I am more than okay with not liking them. I am a firm believer in not liking someone for a valid reason. Not liking your hunk’s girl is not, I repeat, it is not, a valid reason.

I see people straight out attack these said girlfriends through social media for the stupidest things. The girl could simply tweet out a smiley face, and some of the fans attack with vicious remarks such as “You stupid hoe,” “I hate you, he deserves someone better than you,” or “why are you even alive, please go kill yourself.” The only reason I can think of that people come up with that makes this justifiable is that they have insane jealousy issues. I, personally, do not think that jealousy is in any way an excuse to tell someone to go kill themselves. There are some people in fandoms that take things way too seriously. I get that you are so in love with this person and you are going to have his babies and so on and so forth, but can we chill out with the ridiculous comments that are made?

There are people who are constantly bullied; if someone told them to go kill themselves, they would most likely do it. Is that what you really want to happen? You want someone to kill themselves because they are with the person you fantasize about? Stop and think about it for a moment. How would you feel if someone said something as harsh as that to you? Think about how upset you would be if you received even half the comments she must receive. Some of you may think that you would not let it get to you, you would ignore it and turn the other cheek. Well, let me tell you friends that is easier said than done. After a while, those cruel comments will eventually catch up to you and you will subconsciously let it sink in. Do you even consider the fact that your negative comments could have major repercussions such as this?

Let us not forget that this is one of the most un-feminist thing a woman can do. In a day and age where there are numerous people fighting for equality among men and women, why would you want to bring a fellow woman down?

I am not the type of person to turn everything I talk about into a big argument about inequality. In fact, I avoid this topic completely because I just do not like talking about this issue with a bunch of idiots that can do nothing more than talk about how men are superior to women and blah blah blah. I basically get really angry whenever this is a topic of discussion, so in order to avoid making a scene, I just do not talk about it. For this particular situation, I strongly feel the need to stick my foot in my mouth.

We should be cheering our fellow females on, not trying to bring them down. I get that this particular issue is not a fight for equality, but should we not support each other in everything that could possibly make life a little easier as a female? To hate another female because their dating the guy you are “in love” with is a bit misogynistic.

Here is the reality: You can love this guy as much as you want. Trust me, I get the whole fan girl, fandom thing, I really do. There is nothing I love more than a good boy band. However, when BAE started dating another girl, I was never jealous. I never got on Twitter or Facebook to talk smack about her or to her, and I never told her or anyone else to kill themselves. If you truly cared for this person, then you would want nothing more than for him to be happy. If he is happy with this other girl, than that should be enough for you.

Love. Do not hate.

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  1. Marissa Carrier

    *cough Harry Styles cough* But seriously we shouldn't be hating or putting these girls down we should be taking notes!

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