Credit, identity theft lessons to show at SHSU – TWC

How do you build credit? What does having good credit mean? How do you avoid bad credit?

These are questions many college students have and often times graduate college without ever getting the answers. The Sam Houston State University Student Money Management Center combined with Student Legal and Mediation Services is offering a Credit Crash Course this weekend to answer those questions.

“During Transfer Orientation at [SHSU – The Woodlands Center], students expressed a desire to learn about how to obtain a good credit score,” Andrea Rabon, the SMMC Program Coordinator, said. “This presentation will identify credit score components and weights, as well as discuss the function of a credit score in the purchase process.”

Rabon will be conducting the presentation herself.

“The students will learn about different types of credit, how to identify their credit score, what their credit score is used for, as well as each component and how much it affects the score,” Rabon said. “They will also learn about identify theft and what legal rights they have as consumers in regard to
their credit.”

The SMMC offers services throughout the semester to help students track expenses and plan to pay off student loans and debt after graduation. The center also puts on events each month similar to the Credit Crash Course. The 7th Annual Financial Literacy Week runs Feb. 23 through Feb. 26 as the last event in February.

Credit Cash Course will be presented Saturday at 10 a.m. and again Wednesday, April 22 at 6 p.m. at the Woodland’s Center in room 111.

For more information contact Student Money Management Center in the Estill Building, suite 228 or call 936-294-2600.

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