I got you girl: mooching in the name of TV

Let me take a moment to vent some TV-related frustrations. Just when I thought I was getting over Suddenlink’s ghastly betrayal, they put it in reverse and drove me further into the arms of instant stream account mooching. Most television networks have apps and websites where you can log in and watch their shows. The only problem is you have to know someone that subscribes to that network and has a login account in order to access the highly-coveted content.

I thought I had made it out of the woods when Netflix announced their release of “Friends” onto instant stream, but little did I know the extent to which Suddenlink would diabolically effect my future entertainment needs when “Friends” wasn’t enough.
Netflix had my back with “Friends”, but that relationship only quenched my thirst for so long. Who has my back for “Broad City” season two return on Comedy Central? My arch nemesis Hulu Plus, that’s who.

To be fair, Hulu Plus is completely unaware of my distain for their website which is solely based on the fact that I feel all of the good shows were taken off Hulu, a site that originally provided free streaming and later added to Hulu Plus for a hefty price of $7.99 a month.

So what is a bitter, frugal girl to do?

Mooch off others with no inhibitions or regrets. My mooching began five years ago when my boyfriend’s family opened a Netflix account and a whole new world of possibilities was afforded to me. All was well until my tastes matured and my horizons broadened. If I was going to be a mature, die hard “Game of Thrones” fan, I needed an HBO GO account. This meant I needed someone else to get an HBO GO account from because everything I do must be done in the most difficult, time consuming way possible.

Two accounts are a handful, three is juggling, and I am really not that coordinated.

My feelings towards Hulu Plus would not be so bitter had Hulu originally been a paid subscription service. But since it began as a free streaming source, I feel like I have been robbed blind. Who do they think they are?

Suddenlink left my life in shambles in a graveyard of lost television shows and a growing list of various people’s usernames and passwords. My transition from lazy channel flipping to scouring the Internet is an unpleasant task that I would rather complain about than actually do. I took my channels for granted and put off watching MTV’s Catfish until it was too late, and now I will never know what it is like to see deceptive people from the Internet on a widescreen TV.

Now, thanks to Suddenlink, I lead a meaningless life of mooching crime and my once manageable bumming is getting out of hand. I now have to find another poor schmuck to freeload off of in order to keep my shameful addiction fed.

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