SCOTUS grants death row inmate reprieve

Lester Leroy Bower, Jr. was granted a reprieve by the Supreme Court of the United States, indefinitely suspending his court-mandated execution.

Associated Press

Associated Press

Bower, who was set to be executed today in the Walls Unit, was granted a stay of execution by the Supreme Court for unknown reasons. The justices did note “that the reprieve would be lifted if they deny or rule on his appeals,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s inmate records, Bower shot and killed Bob G. Tate, a Denison building contractor, while trying to steal his aircraft. After killing Tate, Bower was happened upon by Ronald Mayes, Phillip Good and Jerry Mac Brown. When discovered, Bower shot the three men, killing them all.

Bower was sentenced to death in 1984 after being convicted for the 1983 murders of four men in an ultralight airplane hangar in Grayson County. Bower has served the second longest term on death row in the state of Texas, with nearly 31 years of incarceration.
According to a statement released by Grayson County District Attorney, the Supreme Court is scheduled to review Bower’s case Feb. 20.

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