Copeland confirms he won’t run for office again

Student Body President Spencer Copeland announced this evening that he will not be seeking reelection for 2015-16 school year.

Instead, Copeland is applying for a superior position.

“I’m going for a higher position, but I might not find out about that until after the deadline to file [for presidency] so it wouldn’t be fair to run again if I get both positions and I would have to turn one down,” Copeland said.

Even if he does find out beforehand about the potential position, Copeland still remains hesitant to the idea of presidency.

“I’m debating it,” Copeland said. “There’s a lot going on. I have grad school coming up [and] I want to make sure I make the right decision, so I don’t know yet.”

Copeland is aware of who is interested in running for Student Body President, but is allowing that information to be released by the individuals at their discretion.

Look for an in-depth article featuring Copeland’s decision to leave SGA this Thursday in The Houstonian.

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