Women’s Club Lacrosse gearing up for season

Under the bright lights of Lower Pritchett Field on a chilly February night, metal sticks clash, coaches yell and whistle, and the roar of team camaraderie can be heard.

Brynn Castro | The Houstonian

Brynn Castro | The Houstonian


With enthusiasm and zeal rivaling any college sport, the Sam Houston State University Women’s Club Lacrosse team practices for what they hope will be a memorable season. Made up of mostly walk-ons and being try-out free, they are still considered a rookie team. Their rookie team status motivates them to work harder.

Team member Kathleen Geuea said the women have grown as a team in terms of strategy and mindset.

“We’re a really competitive group of girls,” Geuea said. “Just because we play lacrosse and it’s not very big or active down in the south, we still try our very best. Over the years, we’ve gotten better in how we practice and how we keep girls and play. It’s difficult competing against big schools like A&M who we’re going to play this Saturday, but we still are very competitive and we try our hardest and sometimes we come out with a win. “

Geuea first came across the team by chance, but chose to stay on because of the lasting friendships that were formed.

“I met a couple girls, just by friends of friends,” Geuea said. “I came out to the practice and it was so inviting. There were a lot of girls like me that didn’t know anybody but wanted to join a team or join a group. There was a lot of diversification, and I met a lot of people just by playing and association. It became like a big family. That’s why I joined and kept playing.”

That friendship extends far beyond the length of a lacrosse field for the women.

“We’re definitely family,” Geuea said. “We do almost everything together. If you’re stuck on the side of the road, we’ll come get you.”

Competing against larger teams from Baylor University and Louisiana State University, club president Miranda De La Morena said competitions are where the team’s drive and effort is truly on display.

“You should expect to see some hustling around, sprinting everywhere,” De La Morena said. “If we don’t catch the ball, we’re going to get to it. We’re still a brand new rookie team so a lot of dropped balls, but that doesn’t mean you get to watch it roll away.”

When asked about the team’s goals, De La Morena said the women are setting their goals high in hopes of achieving one goal.

“A conference championship – it would be hosted in April at the University of Texas,” De La Morena said. “So that would be a goal and it would be amazing.”

The team echoed their president’s thoughts about wanting a conference championship under their belt.

Coming from a smaller college, the team is comprised of less women than most other teams in their conference. The team also has a disadvantage when it comes to having mostly new players.

Geuea said it is hard to let go of the knowledge of those disadvantages, but it does not stop the team from coming out, playing and trying their hardest.

“There’s a Texas league championship,” Geuea said. “That’s what our goals is, but you know going up against A&M and Arkansas and all these schools that… have so many girls to choose from, and being a small campus, but we come out and we play.”

The team welcomes new members and any woman who complies with university club sports regulations can come out and join the team.

“We still have openings,” De La Morena said. “As many jerseys that I have is what I can fill. It’s a no tryout team. We’ll teach you the fundamentals.”

For more information on the team, you can contact De La Morena at mnd017@shsu.edu.

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