Exceptional employees to receive ‘Random Acts of Chocolate’

The Professional and Academic Center for Excellence will help Sam Houston State University faculty and staff recognize the hard work of their peers through “Random Acts of Chocolate.”

Professor of psychology Marsha Harmann, Ph.D, was originally introduced to the idea at a conference five years ago.

“I went to a workshop for faculty professional development centers and somebody there had the idea in the Houston area and I just thought it was fabulous so I brought it back and started it here,” Harmann said.

“Random Acts of Chocolate” is a way of bringing happiness to the faculty and rewarding those who work on campus, according to Harmann.

“It is to recognize people who go above and beyond their normal job performance and to give them a pat on the back and chocolate,” Harmann. “We try to do it around Valentine’s Day because that is a nice time to get chocolate.”

PACE is looking into a way to include students for upcoming years, but as of right now, the event is only for faculty and staff.

Harmann recalled a time when she made one employee’s day through the delivery of chocolate.

“I didn’t get to deliver them all on the same day, and I had to deliver one over to physical plant last year,” Harmann said. “I did it one afternoon and the girl was so surprised and so happy to get it. It was such a treat to deliver it.”

The deadline to nominate has closed, however, recipients can expect their chocolate to be delivered later this week.

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