In vending debate, students need to get over their #FirstWorldProblems

When I think of public protests, fighting for social injustices, criminal justice and political issues come to mind. Things like animal testing, abortion, same-sex marriage and other big issues that make a difference and can impact lives on a large scale.

However, here at Sam Houston State University, a simple switch in beverage providers can cause students to respond in total uproar.

With the recent publication of the Texas State University System Board of Regents agenda for today and tomorrow, it was revealed to students that upon approval, SHSU may enter an agreement with PepsiCo Inc. allowing the company to be the sole proprietor of beverages on campus, while giving Coca-Cola Co., the boot.

The reaction? Outrage via social media, the emergence of a new hashtag, #SHSUVoiceCoke and the plan for a protest to convene in the Lowman Student Center Mall today at 11 a.m.

While I’m all for free speech and fully support the First Amendment in all its glory, I feel like there are so many other world issues and worthy causes we as “Generation Y” could put our time and energy towards.

Generally, as a student population I feel we do a pretty good job at voicing our opinions and stances on things that matter. One of the most prominent examples I can think of is the peaceful demonstration which happened on campus last semester related to Ferguson, Missouri and Darren Wilson’s lack of indictment. Whatever your opinion on the matter, as someone who witnessed the march, I dare you to argue that the protest was not done with grace and poise.

However, a hastily-thrown together assembly in opposition to a change in carbonated beverages that upon conducting taste tests around campus, most students can’t even tell the difference between anyway? That seems like a waste of time and energy in my opinion. Way to leave your legacy classes of 2015-16-17-18.

It’s not like Huntsville as a city is outlawing Coca-Cola products in their entirety or that the enterprise is going out of business—as if they ever would. You can still “open up happiness” and “share a Coke” with someone, maybe just not the overpriced ones currently available to you on campus.

For what it’s worth, I’m more of a Dr. Pepper fan myself making me pretty objective to the whole debate. But even so, I barely purchase any type of soda on campus as it is.

My solution? Go to the grocery store, buy a 12-pack of Coca-Cola, Sprite or whatever your thirst desires, and get over your #firstworldproblems.

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  1. Alexandra Jackson

    The only problem I have with the vending/beverage choices on campus that the vending machines don't take MasterCard debit cards. Pretty stupid when that's what our Bearkat IDs are.

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