Workshop to assist disabled students

The Sam Houston State University Services for Students with Disabilities has partnered with Career Services to host the first ever career workshop for students with disabilities.

“No Limits: Removing Barriers to Your Career Success,” started as a goal of the two offices to come together to better serve the university’s population of students with disabilities. Vanessa Richard, accommodations counselor for the Services for Students with Disabilities, said the venture has finally come full circle after months of planning.

“Services for Students with Disabilities and Career Services started the planning process in October 2014,” Richard said. “However, the directors of both offices have wanted to partner in developing a workshop to better serve students with disabilities for a long time, and now we are fortunate to have the staff and resources for this event.”

Richard said the university has seen an increase in the amount of students with disabilities, and those students deserve the same amount of help making the jump into their chosen career field.

“As far as I know, this will be the first campus event designed for this population in regards to transitioning into the workforce,” Richard said. “Sam Houston State University is a diverse and inclusive university, and there has been an increase in the number of students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are an important part of our diverse community and we are seeking to provide them with information in preparation of transitioning into their chosen careers.”

The services offered at the workshop will cover many areas to prepare students for the workforce during and after college.

“Attendees will gain knowledge in regards to specific resources for individuals with disabilities, as well as accommodations in the workplace,” Richard said. “They will learn interviewing tips, how to write resumes or improve their resumes and [to dress] for success.”

Richard said the environment of the workshop will be laid-back in hopes of easing any tension there may be that comes with the major milestones of following a career path.

“We are planning for an informal workshop in a relaxing environment,” Richard said. “This workshop is about removing barriers to career success for students with disabilities. Hopefully this workshop will make it easier for this population to maneuver the transition process.”

Students with disabilities are not the only ones invited to today’s event, according to Richard.

“This workshop is specifically designed to target students with disabilities,” Richard said. “However, there may be others who may want to attend to gather information for someone they know with a disability, and they are also welcome.”

Richard said students do not need to bring anything to the workshop.

“We ask that [the students] come with an open mind and any questions they may have,” Richard said.

For students who requested by Feb. 12, accommodations have been arranged in order to make the event more helpful to all who attend.

Admission to the “No Limits: Removing Barriers to Your Career Success” workshop is free for all who wish to attend.

The event will take place today from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Career Services Seminar room in Academic Building IV, Suite 210.

Pizza and refreshments will be provided for all in attendance free of charge.

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