Criminal Justice career fair to host local, state, federal agencies

The college of criminal justice and Career Services are joining forces to host more than 50 different law enforcement agencies for this year’s Criminal Justice Career Fair.

The career fair will be located in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 4.

Mitch Parker, Career Services marketing and event coordinator, credited Sam Houston State University’s superior criminal justice reputation for contributing to the success of the fair.

“I absolutely believe that SHSU’s elite criminal justice program helps us in recruiting multiple organizations,” Parker said. “Both employer and student turnout are outstanding. This year we have over 55 organizations in attendance and we are expecting over 500 students.”

College of criminal justice publications officer Beth Kuhles said a variety of departments within the criminal justices industry will be present.

“The agencies represented cover many disciplines in the criminal justice field, including law enforcement, corrections, victims services, forensics and private security,” Kuhles said. “These agencies represent local, county, state and federal departments as well as private companies in need of security personnel.”

Parker offered advice to students looking to attend the fair.

“We encourage students to dress professionally and bring plenty of copies of their resumes with them,” Parker said. “We recommend students do their research on who will be attending, know what they are hiring for and talk to them about those targeted positions in which they are seeking Bearkats. Additionally, we recommend students develop and hone their 30-second commercial.”

Kuhles also emphasized the importance a successful 30-second “commercial” can do for prospective job candidates.

“The presentation should include your name and your degree, including any relevant minor areas of study, as well as internships and what duties you performed during the internship,” Kuhles said. “You can also mention job experience as well as any unique skills or services you provided in the position.”

Another perk of the career fair is the exposure to internship positions.

“In addition to our great reputation, many students participate in internships with these agencies full-time for a semester in their senior year, providing an excellent opportunity to vet candidates for jobs,” Kuhles said.

Alejandro Rodriguez, senior criminal justice major, completed an internship with the United States Marshal Service last fall in Tyler and credited SHSU’s program for helping him achieve a career goal.

“My internship with the Marshal Service has been an extraordinary life experience,” Rodriguez said. “I was able to complete tasks that Deputy U.S. Marshals accomplish on a day to day basis. Although the internship does not guarantee a job in the field, it gives you the opportunity to experience the career field hands on.”

Rodriguez encourages other students to take advantages of all the job opportunities that may present themselves through exposure at the career fair or the college itself.

“I thank Sam Houston State University and the United States Marshal Service for getting me closer to my dream career,” Rodriguez said. “I certainly hope students at SHSU take the opportunity SHSU’s internship program can provide them because it will benefit their future.”

Kuhles said there are opportunities aside from the career fair for students to meet with future employers.

“Many agencies are currently hiring and frequently come to the lobby of the CJ Center to recruit,” Kuhles said. “Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming dates.”

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