SHSU responds to $300,000 discrimination suit

Legal battles continue after a former Sam Houston State University employee filed a $300,000 discrimination lawsuit against the university last year.

Anita Whittington, former administrative assistant for facilities management, alleges multiple members in the facilities management office discriminated against and wrongfully terminated her, according to court documents obtained by The Houstonian.

Whittington originally filed the suit in June 2014. In an answer filed Jan. 22 by Attorney General Ken Paxton on behalf of SHSU, the state denied every allegation against the university and its employees.

Last week, Whittington filed an amended petition.

The university claims Whittington’s termination was made for legitimate reasons and was nondiscriminatory and non-retaliatory.

Whittington’s amended petition, filed Feb. 23:



SHSU’s answer, filed Jan. 22:


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