Assault occurs near SHV parking garage

An assault against a female student occurred while she was jogging near the Sam Houston Village Parking Garage Monday evening, according to university police records.

The student reported the incident to an officer at the University Police Department at approximately 7:33 p.m. Monday evening. She stated she was approached by three unidentified black females, one of which “intentionally” stuck her foot out in front of her path causing the student to fall and strike her head, injuring the right side of her face, while the suspect ran away.

An offense report was completed and the victim filed a formal criminal complaint and signed a prosecution form.

“Basically that means that if we are able to identify individuals or the suspect in this instance that she does want to file a criminal complaint—she wants to see something happen criminally,” UPD Chief Kevin Morris said.

Morris advises students who are on campus to be aware of their surroundings and give themselves distance between unknown individuals. He also said that if students feel unsafe walking on campus to utilize the campus escort program by calling 936-294-1800 and choosing selection three on the call menu—a relatively new addition to UPD in an effort to increase efficiency.

“The reason why we had to go to a call menu is because we have a lot of phone calls coming in throughout the day through that one general number and a lot of it is parking related. So this is going to help filter out some of those calls so my dispatchers don’t get overburdened with phone calls that need to go to parking when they can concentrate of police related matters.

If you have any information on this matter, contact UPD at 936-294-1800.


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