I Got You Girl: The iWatch is a waste of time and money

Last week Apple CEO, Tim Cook, held an event in San Francisco answering the long sought after questions about the soon to be released device. After a week of letting this life changing information sink in, I still could not care less.

There will be three versions of the iWatch the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, ranging from low to high price respectively.

But like any unnecessary trinket of trend comes a hefty price, so if you thought you could get by with a little penny pinching you would need at the very minimum 34,900 pennies. Apple Watch Edition, the most expensive and in my opinion the most stylish of the three, rings in at $10,000-17,000.

The price range is more than a skip and a hop across the ocean, but you get what you pay for. According to CNN, the Apple Watch Sport will be made of anodized aluminum and will feature an Ion-X glass display where as the Apple Watch will be made of stainless steel and the Edition of 18-karat gold. The latter two will feature a sapphire crystal screen which should protect it from incurring any scratching or damages.

Following Apple’s sleek designs, there will only be two buttons on the watches and, like the new iPhone 6, will come in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. They also come in a choice of two colors for each watch with an array of six wristbands to choose from.

The watch will have a battery life of 18 hours but must always be connected to your iPhone in order to work and must be connected to an iPhone 5 or higher running an iOS 8.2 software in order to connect to the Internet.

It also features the ability to measure your heart rate and movements throughout the day but does not contain a GPS, so do not run off into the sunset and expect iWatch to have your back, but hey, you can always pull out that trusty iPhone you will still need to carry on your person for your stupid watch to work.

Finally, the iWatch will “tap” you notifications in case that vibration in your pants is not distinguishable from other vibrations in the area and the voices in your head drown out your carefully selected ringtone.

The watch does nothing of significance more than your iPhone will other than making one arm slightly heavier than the other while costing you said arm and possibly a leg.

So will I be adding to my small Apple collection by giving into trend? No, because I have common sense and would rather spend my money on thousands of cartons of ice cream despite the fact that I am actually lactose intolerant.

For those of you whose devotion to ice cream is not quite as irrational as mine and have stacks on stacks of disposable income, you can preorder your watch starting April 10 or purchase yours online April 24.

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  1. Philip Vardara

    LOL! I would love to get one, but have yet to figure out how it might be be useful. I am patient however. Let's see what all the app developers come up with.

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