On-campus sexual assault reported by third party

A sexual assault was reported to university police yesterday, which allegedly took place in the Newton Gresham Library parking lot on the evening of Feb. 17.

University Police Chief Kevin Morris said a third party came to UPD and reported that his girlfriend told him that she was sexually assaulted.

UPD does not know whether or not the boyfriend, victim or suspect were students and have not yet contacted the victim. The department plans to send out a mass email to notify students, staff and faculty of Sam Houston State University later tonight.

“Now, we haven’t talked to the victim, we don’t know who the victim is,” Morris said. “But out of an abundance of caution and out of an abundance of safety, I’m going to take what he is telling us at face value and that’s why we’re going to have a timely notification go out tonight. At the same time, I would also like anyone who has any information to contact our department.”

Morris recommends that anyone who is in a similar situation involving a sexual assault to get somewhere safe and contact someone who can assist you.

“One thing that we want you to do is get to a safe place,” he said. “Notify a friend, an RA, someone you know, someone that can help you, someone who can assist you. It is a very stressful event and a very personal event as well. Or call us immediately. Some people don’t want us there, some people do and that’s the victim’s choice. But we want you to get to a safe place. If you’re on campus, contact a friend, a resident assistant, maybe a hall director or even a family member to be with you.”

For those victims who do want police intervention, Morris advises them to be careful with potential evidence.

“We want you to call the police because it is a criminal incident that has happened because we want to provide a role in providing a safe community for the university,” Morris said. “At the same time, we don’t want to destroy evidence because evidence is very important in seeking criminal prosecution on our end. We don’t want the victims to bathe, change clothes, apply a feminine product… because evidence is very critical for us especially if it winds up going to trial or to court.”

For those who would rather not have police involved, Morris advocates for university services and medical attention.

“At the same time, we recognize that not everyone wants to go through that process,” Morris said. “Another important thing is that the university has quite a bit of assistance as well. We have counseling services, we have other victim related services that we are going to try to provide for these victims. And if you don’t want police intervention, then we also ask that you go to an emergency room for medical care as well. Even if you’re walking by yourself across campus, we have that escort program, all you have to do is contact us.”

If you have any information regarding this matter, please contact UPD by calling 936-294-1800.

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  1. Robert Riversong

    "UPD does not know whether or not the boyfriend, victim or suspect were students and have not yet contacted the victim."

    But they will act as if this incident were real, without even the most basic of investigation, such as asking for an ID from the person who reported it.

    1. Aew122626

      The victim is a student. The identification of the reporting party was verified. I would think the safety of those on or near campus would be the primary concern, which is exactly what UPC Morris stated.

      1. Robert Riversong

        So you're claiming you know the case better than this reporter, and that what was reported here is false.

        Yet you offer no evidence, links or sources beyond your assertion.

      2. Robert Riversong

        Correct that you have no sources, no evidence, nothing but your unsubstantiated assertion. In other words, you are a fraud.

      3. Robert Riversong

        Because you have none.

        The fact that your current false persona has made only these three comments anywhere on-line, suggests you're just another malignant TROLL.

      4. Robert Riversong

        Or you're just another run-of-the-mill TROLL, which is infinitely more likely, given your willful refusal to back up your assertions.

      5. Aew122626

        Mr. Riversong, I am providing verification, including the case number, to the author of this article. I apologize, but you are correct, I have no need to verify anything to you.

      6. Robert Riversong

        If you make a claim in a public forum that a journalist is wrong, then you most certainly DO have a responsibility to provide evidence in that same public forum.

        Otherwise, just STFU.

  2. politicalcynic

    1. You don't know there is a victim.
    2. You don't know there is a suspect.

    You are presuming because of a third-party's report that the unknown girlfriend was raped by using the term "victim".

    Congratulations to the police for presuming guilt-even before speaking with the alleged victim (who you have yet to identify)....

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