Smith-Hutson: The people behind the building

Surrounded by greenery, adjacent to the library and the bustling mall, the Smith-Hutson Building has been home to business and finance majors for more than five decades.

Originally built in 1968, the building was later named after an anonymous donor and his business partner.

According to, “Smith” is just an alias given to the alumnus who donated a $1 million banking endowment.

Smith also donated $350,000 in scholarship funds in honor of his business associate Robert Hutson.

Upon entering the glass doors, one’s eyes are immediately attracted to the flashing stock market updates overhead, replicating that of a “real world” business building. According to Dean of Business Mitchell J. Muehsam, this is just one of the simulators the building possess.

Muehsam says that the business building offers certain classrooms and labs where students can get hands on practice with modern-day technologies such as 3D printing.

“We have… three what I would call ‘professional’ or ‘executive style’ classrooms…students are comfortable with the environment so when they leave this university and go into the workforce, they are not intimidated,” Muehsam said. “We also have a technology lab that has within it, an array of equipment that allows us to provide experimental learning opportunities for our students. We don’t want education to be a book-only education.”

The building, which has since undergone several renovations, has been designed to encompass a professional environment.

“When I view this building, there are several attributes it possesses that I think enhance the educational environment,” Muehsam said. “Since this is a college of business administration, it is important to me that this building evoke a sense a professionalism. Some simple little things from how the building is constructed to how well it’s maintained to the environment it creates, all contribute to a quality of educational reality.”


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