The lone candidate: student runs for president without SGA experience

Student government elections are officially underway, and while three of the four presidential candidates are from inside SGA, one candidate stands apart from them in that aspect.

Human resource management junior Juwan Green, if elected president, will be the newest member inducted into SGA.

Greene decided to run as an effort to give back to the university that he said has done so much for him.

“Since I’ve been at Sam, Sam Houston has done a lot for me,” Greene said. “The opportunity presented itself, and I feel like this is an opportunity where I can give back to Sam Houston and implement some ideas that I think would be beneficial to this organization.”

One of the ideas Greene mentioned was better diversifying the campus.

“My number one goal just from being a student here, and I am in my third year of college, so I would say creating more diversity,” Greene said. “I walk around the campus and I don’t see a lot of ethnicities mingling with each other even though there are all ethnicities on this campus.”

Even though he is not currently involved in SGA, Greene is the president of fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, a member of honor society Phi Sigma Pi and a part of the Student Alumni Association.

All of these, according to Greene, helped him develop leadership skills.

“Some of the organizations I’m involved in helped me become a leader,” Greene said. “They taught me how to perform a leadership position, how to perform an executive position, especially [gaining skills like] organization. Organization is a big key when fulfilling this presidency.”

Greene says that his lack of SGA membership doesn’t make him nervous but rather he is excited to join the organization.
“I’m not necessarily nervous, I would say more anxious because I haven’t previously been part of this organization but I’ve always wanted to join this organization and I feel like this is a great opportunity to join [SGA].”


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