Employers, students to meet, discuss health careers

Employment and internship opportunities will be on display at the Health Sciences Career Fair tomorrow in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom

Assistant professor of health and kinesiology and program director for sport and human performance and exercise science Jennifer Didier, Ph.D., said it takes the cooperation of several groups in order to make these types of events possible.

“This career and internship fair has been coordinated with the help of career services and the faculty in the College of Health Sciences,” Didier said. “I have provided guidance, assistance and reminders, but each department in the college was responsible for inviting their contacts, so we would have representation from reach professional area in the college.”

Didier noted that students participate in making the big picture of a career fair possible.

“KHRASH, a student organization helping to prepare those interested in careers in kinesiology and health science related fields, has helped with the marketing across campus,” Didier said.

Career fairs typically attract older students, but Didier said students of all ages can benefit from such an event.

“Often students think that career fairs are only for those students who are about to graduate, however, all students can benefit by attending,” Didier said. “Freshman [and] sophomores should attend the fair as part of their goal setting and planning in their early college years to make sure they are preparing correctly for these internships and jobs and it is also critical for juniors and seniors who are making connections for their internships and jobs after graduation.”

College of Health Sciences Dean Michael Lacourse, Ph.D., encouraged students to attend the fair to gain exposure to the employment opportunities.

“I strongly recommend that students attend the Health Sciences Career Fair,” Lacourse said. “We currently have 18 employers representing small and medium size companies, schools and hospitals who will be on campus to speak with students about employment opportunities in the health professions.”

Lacourse said attending this event will help students gain further knowledge about what attributes prospective employers seek in candidates.

“Even if you are not looking for full time employment in the near future, attending career events will provide students with important information about what employers are looking for in successful candidates and what job opportunities may await them upon graduation,” Lacourse said.

The agencies represented will cover an array of professions that students can pursue in the health sciences field.

“There are actually far more opportunities for employment in the health professions than most people are aware,” Lacourse said. “For example, representatives will be on campus from a regional law firm looking for potential employees to assist legal teams with health-related cases.”

Despite popular belief, Lacourse said the job market within the health sciences field goes far beyond white coats and doctor’s offices.

“I suggest that current health sciences students, or even those considering a career in the health professions, visit with these employers to learn more about the wide variety of employment opportunities that exist,” Lacourse said. “I believe that students will be surprised to learn there is much more to health and medical careers than being a doctor or nurse.”

Career Services marketing and event coordinator Mitch Parker offered advice to students who plan to attend the fair.

“Know what the company [or] organization does, and through research on JOBS for KATS, students can typically learn what exactly the company [or] organization is looking to hire for,” Parker said. “Come ready to speak to the company. Do research on their history, growth, etc.”

Preparing for and engaging oneself in the career fair is important to gain the most knowledge from the career fair, according to Didier.

“The students should bring their resume and dress professionally and remember to put their phones down and stay engaged with the employers while they are talking to them,” Didier said.

Therapy and Beyond is a company that will be present at the fair. Therapy and Beyond community relationship coordinator Michelle Doan said there are several qualities they look for in the students with whom they visit.

“It’s important to have a list of references and their contact information Remember that first impressions are very important,” Doan said. “Take notes during the interview and don’t be afraid to ask questions that you may have.”

The career fair will run Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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