Student releases single, juggles academic, music career

Balancing school and work is a feat often considered daunting by college students. Imagine juggling school and a music career.

Courtesy Benjamin Franklin

Courtesy Benjamin Franklin


Senior sociology major Benjamin Franklin balances the two as he works on finishing school and promoting his single “You Would Be Sure” under the stage name, Namon Eugene.

“Right now, going to school while working on my music is a bit hectic,” Franklin said. “Music is definitely my career path, so I take everything I do with it very seriously.”

Franklin spends most of his day completing schoolwork while writing new songs at his home studio.

“I know a big part of me being successful at music and finally finishing school is balance, which I believe is comprised of great focus and discipline,” Franklin explained. “I struggle some days to pull it off perfectly, but I find myself getting better at it. It feels great when I actually execute all my musical and academic responsibilities well, and it motivates me to give my best the next time around.”

Franklin describes his music style as pop with and rhythm and blues influences inspired by his experiences and relationships.

“My music is inspired by people I meet and how we connect,” Franklin said. “I’ve discovered great magic in the idea that despite how different we may be on the surface, we all share very similar experiences. To be able to be a friend to someone through my music and for them to have someone that totally relates to their experiences inspires me to keep writing and striving towards great songs. I know what I create is very much less about me and more about the listener.”

Music has been part of Franklin’s life since a young age, though he did not excel initially.

“I’ve been interested in music since I was seven years old,” Franklin said. “My parents enrolled me into piano lessons. I was horrible at it.”

However, Franklin changed course and focused on a different musical skill and never looked back.

“Turns out that my instructor was also the director of the choir at my church,” Franklin explained. “I asked my dad if I could drop piano lessons and just sing in the choir. He said yes. The following week I went to my first choir rehearsal and left as a soloist that night.”

Despite his talents as a singer, his passion is songwriting.

“At the core, I would consider myself to truly be a songwriter that just happens to sing,” Franklin said. “What I’m saying and how it feels is very important to me. I aim to be as honest as possible lyrically [and] melodically and have some kick in the production to keep it exciting.” Franklin’s song, “Would You Be Sure,” is about someone “loving you with one foot out the door.”

“In a way it’s a call-out song to people who have done that to someone,” Franklin said.

“Would You Be Sure” is available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Spotify.

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