The Houstonian welcomes new website Bearkat Republic

KatFans, the Bearkats’ biggest fan base, launched a new website called Bearkat Republic this past weekend.

The website is intended to cover Sam Houston State sports by the fans for the fans.

Normally I would feel threatened by this as another competitor for the readers of Bearkat Nation, but seeing this new website made me glad to be a Bearkat.

During the football season I had spoken with Tim Jeske of KatFans about the possibility of KatFans expanding its services. He told me it was something he was working on and wanted to do, and I gave my full support to the idea of it. With SHSU looking to make its mark in Division I sports, it’s important to have a big fan base that keeps the support there.

This website gives the opportunity for SHSU fans to promote the Bearkats while reporting what is happening in SHSU sports.

It is sometimes hard being a reporter and editor of a student newspaper whose job is to report what happened and what’s happening on SHSU sports without being biased. This has caused problems when I am or one of my reporters are critical of a team’s performance. It is tough finding the line of being a Bearkat and a journalist.

Sometimes I wish I could be SHSU sports’ biggest fan, but I realize that’s not my job to be that. However, when this job is past me and I’m an alumnus, I hope Bearkat Republic is still around for me to stay engaged in Bearkat sports.

As the Bearkats look to continue dominate the Southland Conference and maybe make a transition into the FBS (an editor can only wish), Bearkat Republic will give that platform to further serve Bearkat Nation. SHSU sports won’t succeed without support from its fans.

We will enjoy the “friendly competition” covering SHSU sports, and I wish nothing but success for Bearkat Republic. At the end of the day, we’re all a part of Bearkat Nation and just hope to cover SHSU sports in our mediums the best we can.

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