Fraternity leads flag ceremony in honor of school’s namesake

The Zeta Mu chapter of Alpha Tau Omega hosted its annual flag dedication ceremony Monday evening at Oakwood Cemetery in memory and in honor of Gen. Sam Houston.

Chris Winfield | The Houstonian

Chris Winfield | The Houstonian


Fraternity members, city representatives and members of the community watched and participated in the event.

“The purpose of our flag dedication ceremony is to honor Sam Houston, interact with local citizens and show our commitment to uniting the community,” freshman ATO member Evan Hannon said. “We invite representatives of the state, Walker County, the city of Huntsville and SHSU to give [information] about Sam Houston to honor his life’s service and continue to foster the atmosphere he created so long ago.”

Although the ceremony is brief, two city representatives look forward to it annually.

“Anything that’s associated with Sam Houston State University and their legacy and Sam Houston, the legend, and his legacy is always a grand opportunity for us to show off what we have,” County Judge Danny Pierce said. “I think it’s an absolute great thing for them to perform this ceremony. They do a great deed, and it makes me proud.”

Huntsville City Councilwoman Tish Humphrey said she has attended the event in the past and also feels it is a nice commemoration of the university’s namesake.

“I have attended this in the past and I think, as it was stated, it’s very important to honor Sam Houston and to show support for the ATOs when they do this flag ceremony every year because without Sam Houston, Huntsville wouldn’t be Huntsville,” Humphrey said.

The chapter hosts the ceremony every year at Sam Houston’s gravesite.

“I enjoy looking around and seeing our brotherhood come together to honor a man who led so many people and leaving inspired to want to leave a similar impact,” Hannon said.


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