I Got You Girl: Before you graduate, try these uniquely Huntsville things

Lucky for me (and unluckily for me) I will not graduate until this August due to some god-forsaken Spanish class, so I have time to pull my procrastinating life together after one last marathon run of this list of things I would rather be doing before I graduate:

Spend some time with the poised roosters and chickens of Sam Houston on and off campus. Sit with them as their rebellious spirits attempt to dig up our campus’ extensive gardening efforts. Let their free spirits lead you across the street to what I call the “fancy park,” which is really called the Sam Houston Memorial Museum Park. Word from the wise, do not make eye contact with the geese or they will hunt you down and bite your ankles as you try to flee to safety.

While you are in the vicinity and catching your breath from apparently carnivorous birds, eat at the Eclectic Coffeehouse, Studio and Gallery off 19th Street. They serve coffee, vegan food, vegetarian and meat options for us squares.

Get day drunk at the bars across the street from the school. When I was a naïve little thing, I thought if you are old enough to drink, why would you ever go sober? I soon learned that that was what society likes to call alcoholism, but a little day drunk never hurt anyone as long as you are not driving, right?

Now that you are feeling a little buzzed and a little moody over your drunken epiphany about how your life is going nowhere (just me? Okay then…), catch a ride to the Oakwood Cemetery, home to General Sam Houston’s grave and a graceful statue of “Black Jesus.” Frolic with the summertime wild flowers that grow in patches between tomb stones and pass out in an alarmingly large ant bed.

You should probably find some time to make a résumé for your pending future but you know what is even more fun? To make a quick day trip to the Woodlands. Nothing makes you feel more adult and free spirited than traveling to a whole other city for a quick metropolitan shopping spree between classes.

To wrap up your day of fun, eat at Old Main. Why? I do not know, my editor said everyone has to at some point. It is like a rite of passage or something or the other. A word to their manager- yes, you did kick me out for videotaping inside the facilities. And yes, this is me being the bigger person about it by sending people your way. You are welcome.

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