Review: Theatre wildly entertains with ‘Cabaret’

The department of theatre and musical theatre is taking audiences back to 1930s Germany with its latest production, the famous musical “Cabaret.

Originating in 1966, with many revivals and a 1972 movie, “Cabaret” is extremely well known and popular in the Broadway world and beyond.

“Cabaret” tells the story of a young American novelist who travels to Berlin, Germany in order to finish his book. Once there, he discovers the infamous Kit Kat Club, a nightclub filled with dancers, musicians and an abundance of gin.

The university’s set for “Cabaret” makes one feel as if they are part of the story. The stage is decorated with industrial-style chrome pieces, resembling a dark and ominous bar of sorts that one knows he or she should not enter but want to all the same.

The audience is taken inside the nightclub where scantily clad dancers entice and entertain with multiple musical numbers. As an ensemble, the dancers give an incredibly delightful and precise performance.

Dances are seemingly in complete sync, showcasing the individual talents and skills of each cast member. The music is catchy, and fun and one will find it impossible to look away from the comedic, outlandish and sometimes provocative performances.

Department chair Penelope Hasekoester directs the stunning and unforgettable production.

The story is narrated by the Emcee, played by senior musical theatre major Brandon Whitley. Whitley is captivating as the master of ceremonies, engaging in multiple song and dance numbers with the cast as well as several solos. He takes on different characters throughout the show with multiple costume changes and proves himself to be a truly gifted and versatile actor with this constantly challenging role.

Also in the spotlight is the leading lady Sally Bowles, played by senior musical theatre major Taylor Beyer. As the main headliner at the Kit Kat Club and a confident and outspoken woman, Beyer gives a spectacular performance by pulling her audience in with her witty banter and several sentimental songs that leave audiences breathless and even a bit misty-eyed.

Every member of the cast proves to be of exceptional talent with each character presenting strong acting, singing and dancing abilities.

In addition to the upbeat songs and dances, “Cabaret” presents many compelling and important historical points, dealing with the rise of the Nazi party and the prejudice that occurred against the Jewish community. The cast performs these sensitive pieces elegantly, emphasizing the importance of these issues and making the audience aware of them.

“Cabaret” is a treat that will leave audiences both entertained as well as compelled. Performances will run through Saturday.

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