Farewell, Mr. President

My fellow Bearkats. It has been a true pleasure to have served as your Student Body President this past year. I am truly humbled and honored to have led the Student Government Association. I hope that I have led well. With this being my last address to the student body I would like to leave with a few parting words.

This year’s Student Government Association has done such hard work, and I am very proud of all they have accomplished. Even though I have received a lot of the credit, the true merit belongs with this senate. Without their hard work we would have never been able to host many events on campus, built rapport with the City of Huntsville, met with legislators in Austin or have been given awards in Washington D.C. I hope that the students recognize all their senate has done this year. Even though they have done amazing work, there is always more that needs to be done. The Student Government Association is only as good as the members it has and only productive if our students are vocal. The Student Government Association will forever be open to any student wanting to join and to handle any problem students feel are of concern. This is YOUR student government. Let us help you.

The City of Huntsville and the student government has identified a number of areas that we want to grow closer. The City of Huntsville needs both the school and its students. As students we need the city and our university. As students we know the direction we want the city to go in, we understand the ways in which we want to be educated, and we understand the limits placed by reality. If we want our problems to be heard, or if we expect our community to value us, it is upon each of us to take up our responsibilities. There are so many opportunities to shine and be productive within our school and our town, but they will only open when we become active. I have learned over the last year that we can accomplish so much as students if we only ask questions and take a stand in local affairs. Become as involved as you can afford, but know that benefits come to those who strive. Even though we are only one facet of this community, we need to embody that facet.

As students we all deserve to be heard and our needs met. These can only be met through active involvement with the community and university in which we inhabit. We need to become active voters, register where you sleep, work and learn, and cast your vote each chance you get. Even if you haven’t voted you can still become involved. Find an organization that you love and become active. Attend Huntsville historical and cultural events. Talk with your local and state officials. Let the Student Government Association advocate for you. I hope that I have lived up to our university’s motto, I hope that I have earned the position that I was elected to hold, and I hope that I have left a foundation for President-Elect Phill Lund to inherit and grow.

Thank you all and Eat ‘Em Up Kats,

Spencer Copeland

SHSU 2014-15 Student Body President


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