A happy farewell

Graduating from college is something I have dreamed of since being a little girl. Ever since I was old enough to really understand what going to school meant and understand the struggle that my parents went through without college degrees, I have wanted to go to school. At first, it never seemed like this day would come, and now I am basically knocking at its door, waiting to be let into the real world. Before I walk through that door, there a few individuals I want to thank because without these people, I know for sure that I would not have made it as far as I have today.

Mom, Papa and Anu: Yes, we have our differences. Lord knows that we can barely stand one another most of the time. However, through my 21 years, the three of you have been there for me in more ways than I can count. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong, and what it means to be a good person. You may not have a whole lot, but being thankful for what you have is a lesson that I will cherish throughout my entire life. Thank you for your constant struggle to support me, and understanding that if and when I fail, it will only make me better. This is for you. Little sister, you are a constant pain in the butt, but I would not trade any of my childhood memories of you for anything in the world. People always say that your siblings are you first best friends. I do not know about all of that, but you definitely have a special place in my heart.

Brittany: Do not let anyone tell you that they have a better best friend than I do because they would be lying. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for that one English class we had together way back in freshman year in high school. I do not know what I would do without in my life. Your constant craziness and livelihood are something that I admire most about you. You have always been there for me, even through the times we were not friends, listening to my constant bickering and offering the best advice in each and every situation. Thank you for over seven years of friendship. I know that you will be there in the long haul, and I cannot wait to be old grannies with you, telling out grandchildren about all the trouble we got into growing up.

Dharmesh: You were the first real friend I made when I first came to Sam Houston, and I cannot express how happy I am to call you one of my best friends. You understand my world better than most, and offer the best advice for all life situations. I remember thinking you were crazy for dreaming so big, but after befriending you I now share those dreams. You have reinforced the notion that anything is possible, especially for a minority, so why the hell not shoot for the stars? Your jokes, passion for life, bluntness and slight stupidity are things I am going to miss experiencing day-to-day, but I know that, as cheesy as this may sound, you are definitely one of the friends that will be there at the end of the day. So I am not worried about losing your friendship, rather I look forward to the adventures that await us. Just remember the little people, like me, when you become a big shot movie producer.

Mr. Roussel (aka my favorite professor ever): I am so upset that it has taken me this long in my college career to know a gem like you. I think I learned more about public relations in your class that one semester than I have throughout is my entire time as Sam Houston. Your constant encouragement and praise for my ability to write something that I will always appreciate. I could walk into your class having the worst day ever and walk out with a smile on my face. So thank you. And just so we are off the record: “PR is an idea business.” I will be sure to never run out of those.

To everyone else at SHSU: Thank you for the memories, good and bad. There are some of you that I will forever keep close to my heart, and then there are some of you that I cannot wait to leave behind. Either way, I am thankful to have known all of you. You have taught me a lesson that I could not have learned otherwise, so even if our friendship is like a wilted flower, it has been nice knowing you. I wish you all the best now and in your future.

I have now reached the end of the tunnel, and the light is brighter than I could have ever imagined. I am so ready to walk across that stage, and be done with college. It was fun while it lasted, but I am more than ready to rid of the days of homework, studying and group projects. Real world, here I come. I hope you’re ready for me because I am going to blow your mind.


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