Counseling Center artwork takes award


Upon entering the William Powell Health and Counseling Center, one is greeted by an array of green petals hanging from the ceiling. These petals named “Emerald Cascade” recently won Sam Houston State University a Collaboration of Design and Art award for the “Top 100” artwork in 2015.

CODAworx is a global platform to showcase projects that feature artwork in interior, architectural and public spaces.

Talley Fisher, artist of the awarded art piece, focuses on pieces that allude to nature, according to the CODAworx website. Fisher concentrates on bringing the outdoors inside.

Art Consultants Debbie Goldgar and Marjorie Flanagan have been a part of the selection and installation process for 10 months. Goldgar and Flanagan hoped to find a piece that would eliminate the emptiness while still achieving serenity in the Counseling Center.

The art consultants were involved in every stage of the process, not only helping with project management but the installation process as well.

The complete budget for the artwork was $50,000.



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