Football Fashion: Preventing Game Day Style Fumbles


– Madeline Gangi

Football season is finally here and it’s the time that everyone is looking forward to. I know I am. So, I would like to bring to the table, the topic of fashion at football games.


Bigger schools like Texas A&M and Arkansas have a tradition of showing their school pride by dressing up to games, and I think we should follow suit here at Sam. Wearing dresses with cowboy boots or and jeans with a cute sweater, when it gets colder of course, make football games more spirited. I would say for guys, jeans and a nice polo or a button up would be attractive to see at football games. I’m not saying everyone has to come and look like they just stepped off the runway, but just add something that makes you look stylish. There are a lot of online retailers that specialize in collegiate apparel for men and women. The amount of stylish things they have are amazing and come with budget-friendly price tags.


Tailgating is an activity that everyone loves to participate in, and I think it is one of the best parts of football games. It gets you pumped up for the game and allows everyone to be social. The food, the games, the orange and white surrounding the parking lots, and the nice friendly faces you get to be with, equals great pre-game activities.

I’m going to paint you a picture. You are at the tailgate wearing an orange or white flowy top with jeans and cowboy boots and a painted paw on your cheek. You see a guy at another tailgate with a nice orange button up shirt and you might think, “Wow, he looks very stylish and spirited,” so, you go and talk with him. I know what you’re thinking now, “Great advice Maddie.” Have fun with dressing up and feel good about what you’re wearing. It’s college, AKA selfie central. Be spirited and dress up for games because, you know I will be.

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