Surviving Homesickness


Going off to college can be extremely difficult. For some of us, it’s the first time ever leaving the house. For others, it’s not anything new. Feeling strange about being away from home is completely normal and not everyone has the confidence to be on their own. Since I came from a close knit family, my biggest fear was to attend a school I knew no one at. Luckily, I had a high school friend attending Sam Houston State University with the same problem. Although gratification overpowered my fear, things didn’t turn out so well on her end. She was still missing her home life and family while I was having the time of my life. Here are several things that have helped beat being homesick during my time at Sam, and will hopefully aid you on your transition into college life.


Make New Friends

Whether you live in campus housing or an off campus apartment, try to make friends with those who live near you so you always have someone to lean on. It’s likely they will also be experiencing the same feelings about being away and be able to empathize with your homesickness.


Get Yourself Out There

With over 200 registered organizations on campus, there are a countless number of activities going on that are likely to peak your interests. Take advantage and join a new club or organization that will get you exploring new things.


Create Something New

Although there are a ton of organizations at Sam, there might be an activity or hobby you’re interested in that may not yet be offered. So why not create something new? Creating a new organization is a great way to meet others who share your same interests and to leave your mark here at Sam.


Make A Place for Yourself

Find somewhere you like to be, anywhere that makes you comfortable. Make your dorm extra homey, anything to keep you stable for the next four years of college.


Stay In Contact

Call home every once in a while. Skype, shoot a text message, maybe even plan a trip home, but try not to over contact. Committing the cardinal sin of talking to your family every single day can possibly lead you to feel like you never should have left home.



Always remember that things will get better. Time heals all wounds and the more you try to keep yourself up and going, the quicker you will be over being homesick.


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