No Room for Terrible Roommates

At some point in your college career, unless you’re extremely fortunate, you will have to deal with college roommates. They can come in all the forms, the good, the bad, and the downright dirty. Whether you are in a dorm, an apartment or a house when living with a roommate, it is important to establish rules and boundaries in order to maintain a comfortable living environment. I mean, you are going to be living with them for quite some time and you want to make sure your home away from home is a pleasant one.


Living with other people is a huge compromise especially since no two people are alike. Some of us grow up in a house full of kids, others are the only child who has never experienced sharing a living space with someone their age. Listed below are a few helpful tips that will ensure your experience with your roommates is as smooth sailing as possible.



Communication in any relationship is important, especially when you live with that person. One think that can really complicate a living situation is the lack of communication. If you have concerns, you need to voice them. I don’t mean wait three weeks and then explode. If there is something that bothersome, you should handle it in a posed and timely manner. Also when I say communicate, I’m talking face to face. Yes, we are in the day and age of technology but talking to your roommate about dirty dishes through text isn’t the right way to handle it. Text messages can often times be misconstrued so talking face to face is always best. You aren’t going to 100% agree on every little detail of living together but if you talk it out, chances are you will come to an agreement that is pleasing to everyone.



As I mentioned before, no two people are the same, but compromise is essential whenever two or more people are living together. Everyone has their likes and dislikes, which is fine, but you must learn to blend these to make for a copacetic living environment. Compromise does not mean giving in to someone, or arguing about a situation, but rather coming to an agreement together in which you both agree to the terms.




Establish Rules Early On

Talking about your likes and dislikes early on is very essential when it comes to rooming with another person. Things such as keeping common areas clean, having guests over, and noise issues should be discussed within the first few weeks. You should not just talk about these likes and dislikes but also establish rules for them. Establishing clear and concise rules isn’t the easiest thing to do but doing so allows everyone to operate on the same page. So establish boundaries early on and make sure everyone is on the same page.


No one is perfect in this world which means there will never be a perfect roommate, but if you communicate early on and compromise on rules early on, it will be much easier to maintain a cohesive living environment. Keeping an open mind and being respectful of each other will help make the experience a more pleasant one for everyone.


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