Looking Forward to HBU


Photo by: Chris Winfield

Photo by: Chris Winfield

Losing streaks; Who likes them?

SHSU is now on a two game losing streak. On the bright side, the season is just getting started.

The Kats are 0-2, which is the record nobody expected or wanted to see.

Unfortunately, that is where our team is after dropping a game to Texas Tech and losing a heartbreaker to Lamar.

People say “Keep the past in the past.” That is exactly what SHSU will do.

“We are going to focus on one day at a time and start looking forward to HBU,” Coach Keeler said.

Houston Baptist University is 1-2 and 0-1 in conference play. They are looking to bounce back after falling 49-21 to ACU in their conference opener last week.

HBU’s biggest strengths are the run game and ball protection.

An average of 213.3 yards per game rushing has been accumulated by HBU’s menagerie of running backs. 15 people had a total of 95 carries without anyone fumbling out of that group.

“Their [HBU] biggest focus is the run game,” Keeler said. “They want to establish the run and then get the play action pass and other things going off of that. We have to keep their offense off of the field as much as possible. They will wear the clock down and give us very little time to work our offense.”

The Sam Houston defense wants to prove they are better than their 108 points and 1162 total yards say that they are.

“They just played undisciplined,” Keeler said. “They didn’t fill their lanes, made mistakes, and gave up big plays. I think they’re a really talented bunch of guy. They just have to do their jobs, not worry about anybody else’s.”

The players agreed with Keeler’s response.

“We just didn’t execute the game plan Coach drew up for us,” Tristan Eche said. “Our eyes weren’t in the right place. We were trying to make the big play, not the right play.”

If the defense can fix these problems, the run oriented offense of HBU shouldn’t prove to be that much of a problem with stalwarts like Eche and P.J. Hall in our front seven to slow the run.

The front seven of HBU is no joke either, having acquired 10 sacks through three games. They are led by Senior Defensive End Josh Jones with two sacks.

The offensive line of the Bearkats is going to have their hands full, but the return of Brandon DeWitt from injury should make their job a little bit easier.

The offense should be looking to spread the ball around. HBU is allowing 317 yards per game with 173 of it coming in the air.

The Bearkat offense will not only take advantage of HBU in the air. They will take what they can get.

“Our offense is full of weapons,” Keeler said. “We can beat whatever defense is on the field. You want to stack the box? We will throw. You want to load up on corners?”

“We just have to win the turnover battle and execute our game plan,” Keeler said. “If we play clean, fast, physical, and smart, we can beat anyone.”

SHSU will host HBU this Saturday at 6 p.m.


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