Student to Be Mayor for A Day

Every year, a Sam Houston State student is given the opportunity to switch places with university president Dana G. Hoyt for a day. This year, however, in addition to the popular ‘Sam Switch,’ one student will get to live a little bigger by stepping into the shoes of Huntsville Mayor Mac Woodward.


Junior mass communication major Taylor Shepard is attending a rotary lunch today in place of Woodward, in addition to an appearance at some events the mayor hosts.


“[I’m most looking forward to] understanding the inter-workings of the city and give a student perspective on city issues.” Shepard said.

According to Woodward, Shepard is a perfect fit.


“Taylor will do a great job,” Woodward said. “She is enthusiastic and dedicated. I have no doubt Taylor will make a wonderful mayor. She will have the opportunity to see first-hand all the aspects of what the city does to support and serve the residents and community.  She will also see the relationships between the city and university.  Taylor will see that the city takes very seriously its obligation to serve the students and everyone at SHSU. “


Shepard’s itinerary will reflect that of a civil servant, while on Thursday, Woodward’s will mimic a busy SHSU student as he takes on Shepard’s class schedule.


“I think he will do okay,” Shepard said. “My Mass Media Law and Ethics class is a lot of court cases so I hope he can keep up with the notes, but it’s very interesting so I think he will like it.”


Shepard is a member of SHSU’s student public relation firm, Priority One, which is hosting an event the day Woodward will be on campus.


“Priority One is always fast paced and since we are having an event that day he will have an opportunity to see what we really do first hand,” Shepard said.


Woodward, however, has no fear.


“I am excited about attending classes and just being on campus,” Woodward said. “I know it will bring back great memories of my days as a student at SHSU. It will be fun to be a part of the daily life of a student.”


This is the first year a student has swapped responsibilities with mayor, but Woodward hopes it won’t be the last.


“It is a good way to show that the city and its elected officials represent the students and SHSU,” Woodward said.

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