Are leggings pants?

Now that the weather is finally starting to change and feel like fall, it’s time to bring out the fall clothing! This means everyone’s favorite- leggings! Every year there seems to be a debate on whether or not leggings are considered pants or not, and it never seems to be solved. Well, I am going to put this debate to rest. Urban Dictionary states that leggings are defined as something that should be worn in replace of pants. Not saying that Urban Dictionary is right or the only definition and everyone should follow it. Some other websites say that leggings are not pants and shouldn’t be replaced as pants. So there are opinions from both sides of the fashion world, but I will tell you what I think! Not that I know everything about fashion, but I feel that I know what looks good and what shouldn’t be worn out of the house when it comes to fall fashion!


Leggings are making a comeback from the 80’s and have made a huge hit in today’s generation of women. Not only are the colors just black, but companies have designed leggings into a huge fashion statement, coming in all different colors and patterns. They are a form of clothing that should be worn with something that layers over the leggings. I would say that leggings are a form of laziness fabric because they act as pants, but are not the material that your typical pants are made out of.

Some cute fashion tips on how to wear leggings are:


Step 1: ALWAYS wear a longer t-shirt, sweater, or cardigan over the leggings because some material of leggings you can see right through, and not everyone wants to see that ladies!

Step 2: Wear some sort of boot or converse with leggings, and also wear a high knee sock for the boots. Sandals and tennis shoes do not go with leggings unless you are wearing athletic leggings, then tennis shoes are very acceptable.

Step 3: When wearing patterned leggings, make sure that you have a solid color top to go with it because you don’t want to be wearing two different patterns and make the human eye go crazy looking at you.

Leggings are one of my favorite things to wear during the fall and the winter time because some pieces of clothing just don’t always go well with jeans, and they are so comfortable! Sweater dresses, long sweaters, oversized t-shirts, and flannels- with or without a vest. I’m not saying that leggings should never be worn with a short t-shirt, but they are meant more for layering.

I have seen some people pull off wearing leggings as pants, but some forgot the memo that leggings are tighter and accentuate a few things. I understand that you want to flaunt some things, but just to be safe, layer up and wear a longer article of clothing to go with your stylish outfit. Trust me, outfits look better with leggings if you wear longer clothing.

In conclusion to all this, I would have to say that wearing leggings a certain way is just a preference; they can be worn as pants or as a layering piece. Just know that leggings will forever be a fashion statement and will be worn by many girls and women, so continue to wear your leggings ladies and just remember my words- layer up!

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