I think by now everyone knows that the weather in Texas is very hard to judge and it becomes very frustrating because you need to know how to dress for the day. You either are dressed too warm because the forecast said 50 degrees, but then sun comes out and adds about 10-20 degrees so you end up being hot, or you are not dressed warm enough and you don’t bring a jacket when you know you should have. This my friend is what I like to call the struggles of Fall.

  1. Wearing a sweater dress with boots:

You have on your favorite dress and knee high boots or ankle booties and you’re walking to campus or to your class and you start to think to yourself, “Yes! I look good, I dressed perfectly for this weather.” Then boom, the wind hits, but only sweeps the bare part of your knees that the dress nor the boots are covering up, so you end up going the whole day not as warm because your knees are cold. My solution for us ladies is that we wear high knee socks or tights at least to avoid cold knees!

  1. Realizing the weather is not what you thought it would be:

Walking out of your apartment thinking that nothing was going to go wrong and you finally walk down the 4 stair cases and you realize that the weather wasn’t what you thought it would be or what the weather channel mentioned it should be, but you are running tight on time for class and dreading the walk back up the stairs, so you carry on and suffer the consequences throughout the day.

  1. Your hair:

You wake up earlier than you should to make your hair look exactly the way you want it, and you have your new infinity scarf you’ve been dying to wear with your hair looking fabulous and you walk out of your house with your hair looking perfect and then bam! You walk into class with hair looking like you just rolled out of bed, looking like a chia pet! The cold air, wind and static or the fabric do not mix well with hair, everything becomes knots and woven through the scarf…  definitely not a pretty sight!

  1. Wearing boots:

The weather switches from cold to coolish then semi warm, so wearing boots are a struggle because you don’t know whether to wear your winter boots or put on converse to lessen the winter look because it doesn’t feel like fall. So let’s hope that it stays a solid 50 degrees to wear boots for the whole day.

  1. To wear a scarf or not to:

Its’s such a struggle to determine if it is cold enough to wear a scarf or not. Of course in the mornings it is colder, so you think it’s the right time to break the scarf out. However, as the hours go by it slowly starts to heat up just a tad and your neck starts to break a sweat, but you don’t want to have to take it off because you’re afraid that there is going to be a sweat mark, so you leave it on and stick it out for the remaining part of your day, or till you can locate a bathroom and give your neck a breather.

As you can see there are a ton of struggles for us ladies in the fall season, and it happens without fail every year! It remains a challenge, but we always seem to make it through and look great while doing so! It wouldn’t be fall if there weren’t some sort of outfit struggle! Happy Fall Struggles!

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