Organizations Give Back for Thanksgiving

Sam Houston State University student organizations prepare for the holiday season by giving back to the Huntsville community. Many student organizations are holding various drives to collect donations for under privileged families around the area.

The SHSU Zeta chapter of Kappa Delta Chi will be hosting a “Share the Warmth” blanket and jacket drive on November 18. Member of Kappa Delta Chi Steph Ramos talked about the event.

“We are accepting all donations and will be donating to the Huntsville community”, Ramos said.

Ramos talked about why Kappa Delta Chi chose to hold a blanket and jacket drive instead of other alternatives.

“We know the cold weather is approaching and not everyone is blessed or lucky to have a jacket or blanket to keep them warm this winter”, Ramos said. “Giving back to the community is very important to us, and is what we are based on.”

Bearkats across campus have been teaming up to help others be able to enjoy their holiday season.

The SHSU Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society is currently holding an annual “Thanksgiving To-Go” canned food drive. Alpha Lambda Delta member Brooke Jennings and Historian Tayla Barnfield talked about why “Thanksgiving To-Go” is important to them.

“This is a time to bond over food and express what we are thankful for”, Jennings said. “This time of year is very important for the community.”

Alpha Lambda Delta is collecting non-perishable food items that can be donated to local families around Huntsville in order to give them a Thanksgiving dinner of their own.

“Thanksgiving To-Go is a service project that we decided our group will participate in this holiday season,” Barnfield said. “We want to provide a Thanksgiving dinner to those who may lack the finances to provide themselves with food.”

Barnfield also discussed the impact that giving back to the community can have.

“Not only are we supplying food to the hungry within our community, but organizations who volunteer are setting an example that small acts of kindness from an individual standpoint can have a major impact, especially when all of us work together”, Barnfield said.

With many Bearkats donating time and supplies, families across Huntsville will be touched by the generosity of the student organizations of Sam Houston State University.

There are numerous other organizations that have given back to the Huntsville community, as a “thank you” of sorts, that is a temporary home to many SHSU students.

Sam Houston State University students continue on with the motto, “The measure of a life is its service”.

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