Letter from the Editor

My former editor and I used to exchange repartee regarding my one day being editor-in-chief. He halfway joked that everyone who covers student government eventually finds their way to the boss’s chair. My rebuttal was simple: No thanks. Ever.

As a freshman I couldn’t understand why anyone would want the job that came with draining work nights, the (really) harsh criticism from peers or the knowing that your job doesn’t pause just because you left the office. Now, as a junior sitting in that chair, I finally get it. I want this job because more than anything, I want the paper to succeed.

Students and faculty, please continue to hold us accountable for our mistakes. Our job is to cover events and issues that matter to you and make an impact on this university. We aim to do this objectively and consistently. That being said, please take our mistakes with a grain of salt. Everyone in this office is a student and is still learning the ropes and growing with every typo or flopped headline. I am thankful to the editors before me who helped pave this long and often frustrating road. I am appreciative to my staff for making it easy to love what I do. I am grateful for the faculty for lending their helping hands and I cannot extend enough gratitude to the readers.

Happy 2016 and happy reading,

– Teddi Cliett


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