New Year, New Trends: The Trends of 2016

Welcome back, Bearkats! It’s a new year which means that many of us are thinking “new year, new me” and trying to change up some of our daily habits, working out more or just trying to become a new us. However, I like to think of this time as “new year, new fashion.”

Every new year there seems to be new fashion and make up trends as well as colors of the new year. All the designers want to bring something new to the market and are striving to start a new trend so people like us will buy their merchandise in hopes of following the trend and show of their brand. Personally I think that it’s a great cycle.

The trends are always changing. Below are a few trends that I believe will be a big hit for 2016.


Over the knee boots:

These boots have made a fashion statement coming into the new year, from high-heeled to flat. These boots are most popular in suede fabric, but they are available in leather as well. Over the knee boots make your legs look fabulous and much longer, so people like me who are short love items like these. Wear these boots over a pair of skinny jeans, add a cute top, or with a mini skirt or shorter dress with a long trench coat.


Heeled ankle boots:

Ankle booties can be dressed up or dressed down. Wear these with your skinny jeans or leather pants and you’re ready to go! These types of booties can quickly become your go-to shoe. They go with almost any outfit and help to make even the most dressed down outfit appear simple-chic. You can also wear these with a knee length dress for an easy boho feel. These boots are huge right now because they are meant for any occasion.


Calming colors:

This year’s colors are more of a calming version of brighter colors. Rose quartz is a soothing natural color, more of a flushed cheek color. Peach echo is a shade of the orange family, but it appears lively, evoking warmer qualities. Serenity is a calming sky blue color that can brighten up the room with a beautiful shade. Iced coffee is of course what you think it is, but it is a strong color for 2016. It is described as a natural but earthy tone that softens the look. Last but not least is Lilac gray. This is a basic gray color that every women needs to have in her closet.


Bold Lips:

One of my favorite trends are the colorful and bold lips. Lipstick has become a huge trend and it will become even bigger in 2016. From reds to dark brown to even purple, it is a fun way to spruce up your look to make it look complete. Remember what the great Coco Chanel said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

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  1. Park Slope Punxy

    pro tip: ankle boots make short people look even shorter. Avoid.

    Also avoid because they've been overdone to death over the past 6 seasons. So you really should stop wearing ankleboots already, it's beyond old.

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