Bearkat Bite: New Year’s Resolutions

Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution can be tough- especially when your goal is to eat healthier and exercise more. You may not have the funds or the time to carry on your resolution like you did at the beginning of the year because of the start of school, but don’t let that stop you. It’s good to remember the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and hopefully it will motivate you to persevere throughout the year.

Whether your resolution is to regulate the amount of food you eat or completely cut out certain foods from your diet, there are many benefits to better eating habits. Setting small goals that evolve into larger goals is a great way to start off your resolution. For example, instead of cutting out all sweets, only take out chocolate for the first week then add one item as the weeks go by. Pretty soon you won’t even realize sweets are no long in your diet.

Meal prepping can eliminate the times you want to think with your stomach and not your brain. The struggle of finding something to eat when you just got of class and are starving can cause you to make a poor choice. Meal prepping can also keep some money in your pocket. If you are in a time crunch and didn’t bring your lunch, try finding a healthy salad or sandwich instead of greasy fried food. Regulating your diet can be easy to maintain throughout the year especially when you plan ahead.

Exercising while monitoring your diet will not only better your health, but helps make you more energized throughout the day. If your New Year’s resolution includes exercising then you on a very good path for a healthier lifestyle. You may even lose some extra pounds! If exercising is not something you look forward to, try to make it fun. Go to Zumba class or jog in different locations. Sceneries can get old and boring so change it up a bit, keep on the lookout for new jogging paths. Ask a friend or a roommate to join your adventures and you may begin to look forward to work out time. The possibilities with exercising are endless, especially when on campus. Look at the Rec Sports website to see all of your options. If you can’t make it to the on campus gym, find a 15 minute workout on YouTube and set to work in your dorm room or apartment.

Self-motivation is essential to the success of any New Year’s resolution. According to a study from the University of Scranton, 45 percent of Americans make a New Year’s resolution and only about 8 percent achieve their actual goal. While this low percentage may seem discouraging, it can be used as a motivator. You could be a part of that 8 percent or even help increase it. You can also encourage yourself by leaving motivational notes on your mirror or in your phone that encourage you to stay on track and reach your goals. Reminding yourself that you can achieve your goal will keep you motivated to stay focused and strive to maintain your resolution for the entire year.

As you make every effort to achieve your goals throughout the year it is crucial to remember you are doing this to better yourself. Don’t let your resolution die, if you fall off you can always start back up again. It’s okay to start over and it’s even okay to have a late start! Exercising and eating right is never time sensitive and can easily improve your everyday life.

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