Letter to the Editor: Thank You from Kevin Morris

To the editor:

My name is Kevin Morris and I have the honor and privilege as serving as the chief of police for the Sam Houston State University Police Department. Over the last year, incidents in policing regarding the use of force have dominated the local and national news.

When Harris County Deputy Goforth was tragically killed, this incident highlighted a perceived narrative of a strained relationship between police and the communities we serve, and I must admit, watching and reading the coverage of these incidents only heightened my awareness of what seemed to be a very low period in law enforcement.

However, this has not been the case here at the University Police Department and our community that we work in. On behalf of all of the staff members and myself, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the outpouring of support that we have received from the university community, the residents in the City of Huntsville, and the residents of Walker County.

If I could list every single individual or student organizations who dropped some type of pastry items by, gifts, dinners, cards, banners, or a simple handshake and smile I do not think the editor would print my letter (due to length).

The officers who work for the University Police Department are dedicated to the jobs that they perform and work hard to be a positive force for the University and other communities. I know they strive for excellence in their day-to-day activities, however, I know that we are not always perfect either. Your generosity and support has provided our officers with a profound sense of unity and great appreciation for where they work and serve on a daily basis. Thank you very much.

Kevin Morris, Chief
Sam Houston State University Police Department

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