Q&A: SGA Treasurer Drew Carson resigns, reflects on membership

After two long and steadfast years in the Student Government Association, graduate student Drew Carson resigned as Treasurer upon the acceptance of full-time employment in Austin. The Houstonian sat down with Carson to reflect on his time and membership in SGA.
H: Tell us about your time in SGA. What are some of the projects or accomplishments you’re most proud of?
I begin my SGA carrier during the Jamie Administration- circa spring 2014. I was instantly attracted to this organization. Contrary to many student opinions, SGA provides a perfect environment to truly make a difference. I was a leader during the fight for freshman suffrage within the senate, and was proud to see the issue resolve fall 2015 with a student referendum change to the SGA constitution.
In fall 2014, during the Copeland Administration, Sarah Landsmen and I co-created and lead T.I.S.A (Texas Infrastructure Student Alliance). The alliance consisted of various university student governments in favor of increased development of Texas infrastructure projects, including transportation alternatives.
Representing more than 50,000 Texas students and their SGAs, the Alliance gave us the opportunity to speak at the 2015 Southwestern Rail conference in front of the 84th Texas Senate Transportation Committee regarding the millennial need for transportation alternatives.
These efforts ended a fabulous year of activism- I was able to meet the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and accept an award on the steps of the Rayburn Building by the President of the National Association of Railroad Passengers.
H: Was there one that took the cake?
The Sam Houston Architecture Reform Report. Many Students, faculty and alumni believe that the “modern” style of architecture is asynchronous with Sam Houston traditions and historic values. It was a co-operative initiative between Spencer Copeland and me. We created a report consisting of all the architecture styles on campus and its history.
The report strongly suggested architecture guidelines that, if adopted, would create an original “Sam Houston” architecture scheme and would cultivate a campus of academic prestige. We sent the report to SHSU executive staff (Spring 2015), and are still anxiously waiting to hear from them pending their review.
H: What were your not so favorite parts of SGA?
I disliked the fighting between inter-senate factions.
H: Tell me about what you’re doing now. How’s Austin?
Austin is a blast! I was super fortunate to be a Cyber Security Technical Writer for Texas Homeland Security Services. I am fortunate to get the opportunity to serve our great state and implement policy to better protect Texans from cyber threats.
H: Did SGA prepare you at all for where you are now?
SGA gave me the courage to stand up for what I believe in and strive for excellence. My experiences through SGA have reinforced to me that anyone can make a big difference through service.

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