Chipotle is life and maybe death

I never thought twice about the risk of eating out, especially at everyone’s favorite Chipotle. I mean you don’t go to a restaurant and worry about what diseases you may contract as you enjoy your food, you worry about how guac cost extra. Chipotle has taken a small step to right their wrongs, but is it enough? As a broke college student, I personally do not have the time to get E. Coli.

For those of you not following the “life-threatening” news surrounding Chipotle, here is a quick catch up. At the end of 2015, our beloved Chipotle was slammed with a lawsuit brought on by accusations in concerns for their lack of food safety. This accusation was backed by the strain of E. Coli found in Chipotle’s notoriously fresh ingredients. As of July 2015 there were reported nearly 500 people affected by this outbreak of foodborne illness from the Chipotle chain. However, ironic as it may seem, over half of the people that contracted this strain were exposed by contact with sick employees.

Chipotle was forced to shut down several locations to satisfy the CDC, and the negative publicity is threatening the chain’s longevity. Executives have announced that Chipotle will now be a leader in food safety from here on out, and Chipotle’s action plan starts with the closing of all stores on February 8 for food preparation training. Their plan is to sanitize their operations and hire food safety consultants. They also announced that they would introduce more rigorous testing of local ingredients.

Now for those of you who are about to boycott chipotle: don’t do it.

Since they have been so publically scrutinized, you can bet that Chipotle is definitely going to have their business together after this training. The lines are short, the counters are spotless, and the food is still delicious. So yes people, go to Chipotle. I for one am anxiously waiting for the day our local Chipotle opens its doors. Don’t hesitate to go get your long awaited, well deserved giant burrito with extra guac. Before identified, Chipotle was booming with business. Now think about all of the other places you go to for food. How do you know that they aren’t going to have the same problem down the road?

Remember, be good to your body. Take precaution when eating out, or when preparing food at home. Don’t forget that this has happened, because it was no small event. But come on people, let’s give the gang a fair second chance. It is not smart to penalize Chipotle due to this, however it is a good idea to be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth. Pay attention to how your food is presented, how it looks, and the appearance of the location itself. Ask yourself if you trust the person behind the counter. They potentially have your life in their hands. Literally.

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