Phi Sigma Pi celebrates 100 anniversary

Phi Sigma Pi will host special events on campus to celebrate its 100th anniversary next week at Sam Houston State.

Founded on February 14, 1916, Phi Sigma Pi is a national gender inclusive honor fraternity. It first made its way to SHSU in 2002.

Phi Sigma Pi will hold several events from February 8 to February 11 around campus to commemorate its milestone. Each one of these events is meant to embody a certain part of the organization’s tripod: scholarship, leadership and fellowship.

Senior Chelsea Womack, Phi Sigma Pi treasurer, said the organization will offer academic and financial help to students.

“The first day is going to be about scholarships,” Womack said. “We’re going to be out on the yard giving students tips about study skills.” She also said that there will be discussions about refunds and how to save and budget them as well.”

Informational pamphlets from the Student Money Management Center and the Sam Center will be passed out.

On Tuesday, Phi Sigma Pi will pass out information about the book “The 5 Levels of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell in the Lowman Student Center mall area. These informational handouts will detail the “5 P’s,” or the five levels of leadership, from the book.

“We will have pamphlets about the 5 P’s and how you can use them to help yourself in organizations and also in your job or classes,” Womack said.

Wednesday’s activities will be more casual, as there will be a DJ or a portable speaker set up and passersby will be invited to grab a cupcake. There will also be a card that people can sign in honor of the organization’s anniversary.

On Thursday, the Phi Sigma Pi will hold an office supply drive for an organization called HOBY, or The Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program. The program sends high school students to leadership camps and provides them with new knowledge and skills they will be able to use throughout life.

Phi Sigma Pi will also give “HOBY Hugs” throughout the week. Womack explained that the program will send a HOBY Hug to someone every time $5 is donated. All proceeds gathered will be sent to the HOBY organization

Womack said that her organization has given her the ability to express herself and work effectively as a team.

“One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how to be open and how to express myself in a way that people understand,” Womack said. “You learn how to plan events, how to listen to other’s ideas and how to compromise. You learn to appreciate other people for who they are.”

The festivities will begin on Monday, February 8 in the mall area next to the LSC.

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