Student held at gunpoint at Raven Village, KatSafe notification not sent via text

A Sam Houston State student claimed that he was held at gunpoint last Wednesday, January 24, in the parking lot of Raven Village. Even though the event occurred on campus, a KatSafe notification was not sent out to students via text.

“This is a rare event that happens on campus,” University Police Chief Kevin Morris said. “We may average one per year.”

The victim reported that he met the suspect in a car in the Raven parking lot to sell a cell phone. While in the car, the suspect displayed a weapon and another suspect came to the victim’s window.

However, UPD has reason to believe drugs were involved in the incident.

“The officer that went to the victim’s residence and reported an overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana,” Morris said. “The officer attempted to investigate the odor and the victim refused. The report was referred to the Dean of Students’ Office and Residence Life.”

Students did not receive KatSafe texts or phone calls regarding the incident, even though it occurred on campus. However, UPD posted a KatSafe alert to the university website where it is still attainable.

According to Morris, UPD has a variety of techniques for releasing KatSafe information. If they feel the situation is an emergency, students are in immediate danger or there is an important weather update, they use phone calls or texts.

“I never heard about the student held at gunpoint,” Raven resident and sophomore Zack Smith said. “I have always felt safe at Raven, however after hearing about this I question that. I have no clue how they could improve the safety since it is on the edge of campus.”

Freshman and Raven resident Katie Gense agreed and questioned the safety of parking lots, which aren’t always monitored as well as the interior of the residence halls.

“I do feel very safe in my dorm with all of the cameras and locks, but outside in the parking lot is a different story because there is only one parking lot light to illuminate the entire side of the parking lot,” Gense said. “It’s pretty much your responsibility to take care of yourself and make sure you’re always paying attention.”

There are security cameras located throughout SHSU parking lots. The cameras are general and do not always capture specific details.
“Generally, we have a very safe campus,” Morris said. “If you are going to sell items to other individuals, meet at public locations. You can come to our parking lot- I would say during daytime hours. If you do not feel comfortable, do not proceed with the transaction.”

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  1. symphonic1

    How funny. He got robbed of weed or money, or weed & money and called the cops. I also like what the student said about the parking lot, “It’s pretty much your responsibility to take care of yourself and make sure you’re always paying attention.”

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