TX House of Representative hopeful visits SGA

Sam Houston State alumni James Morrison spoke to the Student Government Association last night about why he is running for Texas House of Representatives District 18 position and why students should vote for him.
“I wanted to run because I am sick and tired of politicians who are afraid to stand up,” Morrison said. “Our morals, values and laws are denigrated every time the legislature gets together. Everyone is afraid to stand up to the speaker of the house and nothing gets done.”
During the meeting Morrison was asked what he would do to help reduce tuition costs.
He said that he would advocate for every opportunity to bring money to Sam Houston. Morrison said he understands the hardship of paying for college because he is the child of a mom who only had a sixth grade education.
He has been a lifetime alumni and lifetime agriculture alumni. He participates in a continuing education fund with Walker County Alumni Association, which raised around $25,000 for scholarships in their most recent fundraiser.
Morrison said he wants to stand for the students’ constitutional rights. He said he testified twice on behalf of the students regarding campus carry.
Morrison was told not to waste his time on students at Sam Houston State because they don’t vote. However, he said he refused to accept that. He said he skipped another meet-and-greet in Liberty County last night because he wanted to speak to students instead, even if it meant he would lose votes.
Morrison told students that they should be involved in voting in Walker County and they should register to vote.
“When you move here, be a part of what is going on,” Morrison said. “Give back to your community. I want to fill my office with staffers from Sam Houston State University.”
SGA registered 160 students to vote in the last three days.

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